100% Electronica Presents: Neggy Gemmy, Esprit, Death’s Dynamic Shroud

All Ages
Friday, October 21, 2022
Door: 10:30pm
$18 / Day Of : $22
Late show!

100% Electronica Presents: Neggy Gemmy, Esprit, Death’s Dynamic Shroud 

Neggy Gemmy:

Neggy Gemmy’s (FKA Negative Gemini) heartfelt electronic pop is built around duality. In astrology, Geminis represent polarity and though Lindsey French—the producer, singer, and songwriter behind the name—is an upbeat Sagittarius, her music has always been linked to that idea. The Los Angeles-based artist delivers sparkling vocal hooks alongside angst-ridden missives, and floating atmospherics with chest-caving bass. She’s constantly swerving and shapeshifting as her interests and surroundings change: no two releases are quite alike, yet within all of their DNA lies a magnetic songwriting sensibility that makes you want to sing, chant, and scream along with her.

“It’s easy to make instrumentals,” says French, underselling her meticulous approach to the craft, “but it’s challenging to make a good pop song that makes you feel something.”

ESPRIT began in 2012 as the sample-based side-project of electronic pop artist “George Clanton.” ESPRIT’s first two EP’s Girls Only and Summer Night are still considered essential listening for any newcomers to the vaporwave genre. In 2014, when vaporwave was still defined by its use of found music and manipulated samples, ESPRIT released his Virtua.zip LP composed entirely of original material. In the 3 years since its release, the vaporwave scene at large has followed this trend.