Dominic Angelella Record Release w/ Boat Water & Giji

All Ages
Dominic Angelella Record Release
Saturday, November 26
Doors: 7pm // Show: 8pm

Dominic Angelella record release party! With Boat Water & Giji

You’re walking along the shoreline of a pond or a small man-made lake kind of thing. It’s not important how it got there, but the light is important. It’s good soft pink stuff. There’s some vibrant green moss and skipping rocks and cattails, cricket sounds and plenty of quiet. The air is pretty comfortable, but it’s good you brought a sweatshirt. The trees around the pond are being reflected in the still water, creating a rorschach of tripped out nature screensaver visuals. Nice. Let’s chill for a little bit.
My friend Dominic Angelella’s new record Silver Dreams Don’t Move Me is great. It’s the best one he’s made so far and I think you should check it out. He’s a super funny and sensitive person and I think he lets those qualities shine through on this one. The arrangements are pulled back and delicate in a way that compliments these relatively no-frills songs, but don’t worry! It still rocks when it’s supposed to. The layers are always revealed in multiple listens to Dom’s stuff. For somebody who’s been around as much as he has, he’s just a really self-effacing and unpretentious writer.
Dom has played bass for Lucy Dacus for the last couple years which seems like it’s been fruitful and positive for everyone involved. Before that he spent time in some big Philly bands like mewithoutYou and Hop Along + a couple other ones. He also has a sick band with Eric and Ricardo called Lithuania. The list is long, but that’s not why we’re here. Back to the pond.
You’re wearing some shit like Crocs or Birkenstocks (no shade I wear that stuff too), and the air feels good on your toes. I was curious how work is going, but it seems dumb to talk about that right now. Your new haircut really suits you. I’m stoked to make dinner and drink some beers when we leave. The sun went down behind the trees about an hour ago and it’s getting darker, but we definitely have plenty of time to get back to the car. Why don’t we do this more often? We should start. I’m free next Sunday until like 2, I’ll text you when I get up.