Double Dagger Reunion Weekend- Night 1: Ottobar

18 and up
Friday, October 15, 2021
Door: 7pm
U+N Booking presents

Double Dagger (Thrill Jockey Records)


with guests, TBA


Ten years after their final tour, storied Baltimore post-punk trio Double Dagger are reuniting for two back-to-back shows in Baltimore this fall. The shows coincide with the release of Sophisticated Urban Living (Contemporary Conveniences Edition), a collection of rare and unreleased Double Dagger recordings from 2008. The band’s music feels just as visceral and urgent today as it did when it was first written. Misguided development, social stratification, and the whole range of modern maladies highlighted in Double Dagger’s songs have only become more acute since the trio disbanded in 2011. As always, though, the band aims to make these shows joyfully cathartic and a hopeful counterpoint to the anxieties of the moment. If we shout loud enough, they can’t turn out the lights.




In the interest of our valued patrons, artists and staff, we currently require proof of at least one Covid vaccination shot (an original card or photo on phone will suffice) OR a negative Covid test result within 72 hours of entry (time stamped photo/email preferred)  Masks also will need to be worn inside when not having a drink. We realize the inconvenience, but must respect the well-being of all those around us trying to have a safe and fun time. If unable to participate, refunds will be made available- up until the day of show. If there are concerns/questions you can also contact Ottobar at [email protected]