The Second Saturday S#!T Show 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Party

Ages 21 and up
Saturday, December 10
Doors: 6pm // Show: 7pm

The Second Saturday S#!T Show!

The December 10th is our 10th anniversary!! We started off the back of the November 10, 2012, Doug Stanhope show that I featured on, and the rest is history. It would be gauche to name drop all the comics who have come up those stairs!! You can get your picture w/ Santa & we will have a Pre-Show Holiday Music Happy Hour !” 


Headliner: Stefan Subotich is going to tell dick jokes and play guitar to celebrate 10 years at the Ottobar! 


Special Guest: Megan Graves - As a young, hypersexual bisexual trying to find her voice in the world and on the internet, Megan’s comedy has been described as “a little gross, but very endearing”. She hopes that through outwardly processing and blatantly over sharing her own journey, her audiences will join her in celebrating all of the weird, painful, and empowering steps it takes to become a Bad Bitch


Features:  Joe Gorman, Ashley Pontius, Eric Jolicoeur 


Host: Santa Quin