The Second Saturday S#!T Show w/ Headliner Ryan Lina

Ages 21 and up
Saturday, August 10
Doors: 7pm
The Shit Show celebrates our 152 straight Second Saturday Shit Show with our 2nd Ryan headliner of the summer… Mr. Ryan Lina. 
Door & Happy Hour 7PM
Headliner: Ryan Lina is a stand up comedian who has been touring clubs and colleges around the DMV for 8 years. Ryan has become known for his quick wit, goofy antics and observational comedy that challenges you to be offended by its wholesomeness.   Ryan describes his comedic style a violinist on a sinking ship” Looking at the chaos of life with a smile that says “well if were going down, we might as well laugh about it.” His  sharp wit and astute observations offer a wry and confident take on life’s unpredictability, captivating audiences with his  humor. 
Features: Since his comedy debut in 2020, Bobbie Ray has worked along side some hilarious comedians such as Robert Kelly, Ian Lara, Ron Funches and others. He takes the audience on a journey full of comical observations and absurd tales from his life with a conversational tone that people love.
Rachel Weinberg is 5 years into the madness that is standup comedy. She is a Philadelphia transplant. She preformed at the world famous Cellar Door, Nottingham’s tavern, the universally famous church of satire and the DC Comedy Cellar. 
Having grown up working in his folks’ Memphis barbecue restaurant and speaking with a sly drawl, Charlie Vergos is obviously a Southern comedian. But his curious mind, ADD-digressions, sometimes piano playing, and wandering years spent in the comedy scenes of Memphis, New Orleans, Cape Town, Chicago, Brooklyn, and now post-pandemic Memphis have developed his act into a high-brow/low-brow rambling far more colorful than presenting himself as a simple regional cartoon.   Charlie has worked at The Onion and been invited to perform at several festivals, including Limestone, Laughing Skull, 10,000 Laughs, among several others, and did a full run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2022. He’s performed at clubs and DIY venues in 78 cities, 32 states, and 5 countries, including shows opening for Mary Mack, Kyle Kinane, and Sam Tallent, among others. His debut album , “Barbecue Rich” debuted at #1 on Apple Music in June 2020. 
Dubray Kinney is a Standup guy. Baltimore EMT. Rugby guy. 

Manny Allbritton ….. with three decades of captivating audiences on the theater stage, Manny is a seasoned performer whose talents span improv, sketch comedy, and now, stand-up. Manny’s knack for quick wit and creative storytelling has made each performance unforgettable. Transitioning from ensemble work to the spotlight of stand-up, Manny continues to bring humor and heart to every set, proving that the only constant in life is his ability to make you laugh.

Mike Quindlen is still not dead & in 12th year of running the Shit Show (world record)  is a comic and civil disobedient who travels the world making sardonic observations that often weave their way into his comedy. He is willing to expose and mock hypocrites…including himself. He has opened for Doug Stanhope, JB Smoove, Rachel Feinstein and Alonzo Bodden.